The Season For Purple

Easter is right around the corner and you see purple fabric draped across crosses in front of churches as you drive through your city.  This is the season for the color purple.  Purple is the color for Royalty, Luxury, Nobility, Power, Ambition and so much more.   Some people live in purple clothing and accessories and they say it is three favorite color. Remember Barney! 🙂   Others introduce it into their homes in large and small doses.  Grey and purple is a great combination especially with a pop of yellow or blue.  Home Decor Magazines are featuring shades of blue with purple as an accent color.   Great combinations can be used indoor or outdoor on the deck or patio for entertaining. Below are some paint color for those ready for change from the drag winter days. Purple flowers are popular such as lavender, orchid, roses, pansies  or tulips.  Do you love purple?  Leave me a message and tell which picture is your favorite!!!!  



3 Tips to Declutter Your Home

Before long we will be spring cleaning and hopefully that is not just washing the windows.  Although that is not a bad idea and it helps you to see clearly right???  The Container Store is a great place to go after you take inventory of what you will need.  Tackle one room at a time so that you are not overwhelmed. I recently organized and Declutter several closets in my home. 

Here are a few organizing tips to conquer clutter hot spots: 

  • Paperwork and Bills – Throwing  away junk mail as it comes it will cut down on clutter.  Peter Walsh suggested making a box named free money  to organize coupons and other discount offers. 
  • Clothes- Organize  by putting all pants, shirts, skirts together by color and all on the same hangers.  Organized clothes by colors light to dark. Donate clothes that do but fit or that you are no longer using.  
  • Drawers – Take everything out of drawers and put like items together socks, sweater, etc.   have designated drawers for various items. Every item should have a home. Donate or throw out old worn out  under clothes and socks. I just set up an eyeglass and a belt drawer. 

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Create Your World, Life and Space

Hello!!! I am currently snowed in again, along with lots of other people. Time to slow down and visualize what I want to have, be, do and attract in my life. Someone said ‘If you do not know where you are going any road will take you there’.  Get clear spent some quiet time. Ask God what His purpose and assignment is for you. There are also clues… What do you best?
What do you love? Where do you want to be in your life, career, finance and relationships in the next 5-10 years?  Make a vision board?  I did and now going to place it as my screen saver thanks to Steve Harvey. If you can see it -you can be it.   Hanukkah 2:2-Write it, read it and run with it. How can you make a difference in this world?  What legacy would you like to leave?   Start now where you are with what you have…

Here is a snap shot of 2015-2016 extraordinary projects:  Woman Symposium to enrich, motivate and empower women on relevant issues such as leadership, finances, health and self-esteem.  Pursue passion to build team/tribe to help people organize and create homes and lifestyles that will enhance their lives. Lead a project to build a well in Kenya, Africa.   Marshawn Evans says ‘A confused mind does nothing!’  Get clear, be intentional and make a decision.  I am dreaming BIG because playing small doesn’t serve anyone. Committed to the greater good to impact the next generation. 

All you send into the lives of others comes back into your own. It is a universal law of sowing a reaping.  Anyone out there reading this right now interested in making a major impact and mind shift  in other people lives???? If so, leave me a message below or like this blog.  Waiting to hear from you my friend…. 

The Power of Love is Red

Seems like we just celebrated the New Year and here we are at Valentine’s Day. It is the love day already as well as Heart Health Month. During this season we see a lot various shades of red and pinks in the stores from fashion, furniture, candies, roses to decor. RED is so powerful that you really can not help but notice it’ s beauty. How about the lady in red who commands attention as she walks in the room. Taylor Swift has a great song called ‘Red’. Red lips are also hotter then ever. Mary Kay has a beautiful red lipstick called Really Red. Red roses mean love and I am sure many will receive those beautiful red heart shaped boxes of candy.

Red can affect us physically by increasing enthusiasm, stimulating energy, blood pressure, heart and pulse rate. Red encourages action
and confidence. Red is the warmest of all colors and is emotionally intense. Red can mean many things to different people. It can mean or symbolize fire, blood, war, danger and anger. The color red can be warm and cool. The truest red bright is a blue red and the spectrum goes to the deepest maroons and burgundies. Red also means love, passion, adventure, power, desire, strength, determination and energy. It represents beauty in many languages and cultures.

Feng shui suggest painting the front door red to invite prosperity to the homeowner. Paint an accent wall in your home office. Add a splash of color with red pillows and artwork. Go ahead and style your bad self with a red dress. Everyone will know you are confident and take business serious. Another great combination is black, white and red for the accent. I love my cover photo with chocolate and red!!! RED a beautiful affair, event, party, home or outfit. Be bold, daring and do great exploits in this powerful color. Leave me a message and like my blog. Do you live the color red? I’d love to hear about it …












Let Your Light Shine Bright

Hi there!!! Did you miss me last week? Well I certainly did you about my visit to the Arhaus decor store!!!! It was probably one of the most fabulous stores I have ever been in. I met a sales agent and made a new friend… Just amazed at all the beauty all around the store. I got caught up in the lighting, the chandeliers, floor lighting, the bedside lamps, the table lamps- you name it they had it all.

Functionality is the main role of lighting in any space. Lighting create and change the moods in the room and the size the room might be perceived to be. Lighting effects the way a space looks and is vital in home design. I love recess lights especially when they can be controlled with a dimmer.

Chandeliers provide illumination and can be used in halls, foyers, as well as large open rooms. Wall light light the way in hall and can add length. Make sure you light up your life and your space with lamps and lighting that you love.








Here’s to My Dream Reader -Blogging 101 (3)

Hello! Well I must be real and admit this one took me by surprise but here it is! My dream reader is anyone with a sense of style, fashion, love for beautiful people, places and things. We create and rule our world. We control the lives we want to life everyday by the choices we make. Yes, my dream reader is someone that is ready for change, embraces change and is ready to set their life in order by planning , organizing and being strategic about what they really want in their lives and how they want to live in their homes. My dream reader takes time to have a place for everything in their home so that they know where the keys and eye glasses are. Do you? If not, I can help. My dream reader wants their home to be a haven of peace where order not confusion resides. Oh how wonderful to be connected to the people that love you and make you feel loved, valued, appreciated and celebrated. It is also great to be surrounded by things that you love in your home and closet. If you find that you do not love it –

let it go!

I am drawn to the water it is calming and peaceful. I can breath, relax, release and be creative. I can cry, laugh or dance and just be free to be myself.

I am drawn to positive people that want more out of life and are not afraid to create that life and lifestyle.

Lastly I am drawn to nature! Phyllis means green leaf, flourishing. Let me share a secret about my wreath designs I create. I put my signature gold leave on everyone- it is my brand! It reminds me to as the song by the Clarke Sisters says “Living my life like it’s golden! Golden! Golden! “. Just love plants, Palm trees, flowering trees
and just being outdoors. God made everything beautiful in His time and I am grateful. Dream reader – what are you drawn to? Here are a few pic from my mother daughter weekend Memorial Day in Miami, Florida. Leave me a comment and tell me because I really want to know.









2015 Fashion and Decor Trends – Blogging 101 (2)

Hello! Well I found some new neighbors and fellow bloggers that I am getting to know thru their work. With the new year, new you and fresh start why not check out the latest fashion and decor trends. Perfect time to focus on what is hot for the new year before you know it summer is here! Some of us are ready to take a vacation to a warm climate to that tropical island and/or cruise with our latest resort wear and cute sandals. Check out these classic, chic, snazzy clothes in bodacious colors to live for! Of coarse black and white is always in vogue! Love on these fashions pictures of the latest from Milan Italy and around that world… Coral Reef is Sherman Williams color of the year and I am ready to put it on my front door. Blues and teals are still trending. Color and metallics are still out in fashion, shoes, handbags, makeup and home decor. Sparkle on…. The 50’s styles are back! My favorite trend is the beautiful colors in home decor and fashions.
Would love that Coco Chanel inspired white coat in the 50’s glam picture. Tell me what is your favorite trendy for 2015? Please leave me a message I’d love to know ! My link:













Blogging 101-Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Hi everyone -I’m Phyllis Chief Beauty Officer! Nothing is more important than doing what you love- as a former model and make-up artist in department stores. I have always been attracted to the fashion and make up industries as well home fashions. I would see an idea or arrangement and come home and make it my own. Beauty is my business because I love beautiful people, decor, fashion, make-up, shoes, purses, fabrics, flowers, beaches, nature and places… I want to share my passion and eye for beauty with the world! I love helping my clients transform their space and their look- that is why I am here… Beauty is everywhere -can’t you see it? God has made all things beautiful in its own time. blogging101 #aboutme #lovewhatyoudo








7 Steps to Create the Dining Room of Your Dreams

Hello it is 12/31/14!!!!! Where did the year go???? As we go into the New Year here are a few tips on how to create the dining and kitchen tables-scape of your dreams. My Mom told me I love to decorate more than I love to cook. True it is my passion and strength. I love to see a beautiful table ready for a dinner party, brunch or celebrations or just because.

Layer on Layer on Layer….

1. Dishes and glasses -Buy white dishes. The food colors can be seen easier. Last year I invested in some white square plates. They give a modern vibe. Invest in crystal glasses you will have forever. I love these blue glasses from Pier one.

2.. Desert plates – Can use different colors in desert plates just for fun. Layer and mix your sauces, desert plates, coffee mugs, etc. it is ok to mix and match your dishes and smaller plates.

3. Linen and placemats- Use more than one placemat in coordinating colors. Use a table pad under the table linen to protect your investment. Sometimes I place one under the other and use the one underneath to eat on.

4. Napkins-Try different folds to create different looks with your napkins. Personalized napkins are nice When buying paper napkins find the ones with the cute saying like – ‘Girl you look good!’

5. Chargers- Can really play big in your tables-cape. I have a brown lizard one I love. The gold square one is amazing with the white dishes.

6. Cutlery- Choose a set that you love and suit your style. I have gold but a bamboo design would also be perfect because I have a tropical set with pineapple base.

6 Rug – Place table on a rug in a color that coordinates but not necessary match the walls. Make sure the rug is large enough so that the chairs are on it.

7. Pillow and Curtains Add a pillow for comfort and to add some color and texture. Make sure your curtains make the statement that flow entire design and hang them as close to the ceiling as possible.

The kitchen tables can be less formal and used daily. Every now and then when hosting a party or just want change why not try some of these tips and let me know if this was helpful.